Systemic Rhythms...... from the beat of a heart..... to the beat of the land.....

An Invitation To Reconnect…

Do you long to have a sense of belonging, a connection to the wisdom of your body, to be aware of a vision, purpose or passion in this life, to feel more grounded, to develop a deeper sense of self, to explore the vast space of potential and possibilities available to us for change both personally and collectively, to connect to your resources and strengths, to feel held by your ancestors and the love that envelops you, to experience the land as teacher and healer, to feel enriched, nourished and willing to take the next step forward, then join me on one of my workshops; a group experience, or for individual; one to one, personal growth, at my Centre in Newtown Mount Kennedy, Co. Wicklow, surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

"Mother Earth" Artist Breda Marron

“Mother Earth” Artist Breda Marron

“At the core of what I am offering is a knowing and belief that we are connected to a vast web of life that stretches out into the past, present and future, that lives deep in the rhythms of our hearts and that of the earth. That we possess an innate capacity to expand, grow and live our purpose… Co-creating an environment of change that impacts on self in relation to a deeper awareness of connectivity, moving beyond individuality to a more expansive space of collective wisdom… Like a seed that feels the pull to life, knows the time when the conditions are right to crack open its shell, to stretch out into the soil and towards the light, all of the wisdom is within for this movement to life, it knows what conditions it needs to thrive……”

You too have a knowing of this place, it may at times seem unavailable, forgotten, out of reach or shrouded by the darkness of night…. Together we can enter a space, explore, rediscover and nurture that which is conducive to growth…. reconnecting to the flow of life.