Group Process


I run experiential workshops, which are a group orientated process. With a central theme or focus you are invited to explore and rediscover a deeper sense of self in relation to a broader movement of life.

We enter a space where we connect to the language of our bodies, the rhythms of the land, our resources and strengths, your purpose, passion or vision and open our hearts to the wisdom and love that envelops us, remembering who you are and how and where you belong.

004Cultivating the seeds of awareness that connect to a collective well of knowledge that calls for a movement towards affecting change that impacts on self in relation to a much larger, expansive place of co-existence.

“In a gentle way you can shake the world.”   – Ghandi –

Throughout the workshops we will utilise experiential exercises and systemic constellation approaches, drawing on nature and bodywork to explore, reconnect and nourish.

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IMG_1408A Constellation is a powerful way to see, feel and experience a living map of self in relation to a much larger space of connectivity to family, friends, colleagues, community, culture, nature or any other living system past or present, in a way that can reveal and release negative patterns, hidden dynamics and unresolved issues, to restore balance and reconnect to the flow and rhythms of life.


“A Constellation provides an image that you have to let work in your soul. The picture will have an effect, and then all of a sudden, the soul will see which way to go.” – Bert Hellinger, Supporting Love –

“If you just let the new image be there without doing anything, an opportunity will arise for you to put things in order, and it will arise without having to plan anything.”  – Bert Hellinger, Supporting Love –